Management Board

 Dr. Lothar Steinebach  Kathrin Menges  Kasper Rorsted  Jan-Dirk Auris  Bruno Piacenza  Hans Van Bylen

From left:


Dr. Lothar Steinebach

Executive Vice President Finance (CFO) / Purchasing / IT / Legal


Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, on January 25, 1948; with Henkel since 1980.

Kathrin Menges

Executive Vice President Human Resources



Born in Pritzwalk, Germany, on October 16, 1964; with Henkel since 1999.

Kasper Rorsted

Chairman of the Management Board


Born in Aarhus, Denmark, on February 24, 1962; with Henkel since 2005.

Jan-Dirk Auris

Executive Vice President Adhesive Technologies


Born in Cologne, Germany, on February 1, 1968; with Henkel since 1984.

Bruno Piacenza

Executive Vice President Laundry & Home Car

Born in Paris, France, on December 22, 1965; with Henkel since 1990.

Hans Van Bylen

Executive Vice President Cosmetics/Toiletries

Born in Berchem, Belgium, on April 26, 1961; with Henkel since 1984.