Henkel Annual Report 2011

Statement of income
in million euros20102011
Cost of sales-2262-2426
Gross profit1010998
Selling, research and administrative expenses-1283-1331
Other income (net of other expenses)458442
Operating profit185109
Financial result874-6
Profit on ordinary activities1059103
Change in special accounts with reserve element1411
Extraordinary result37
Earnings before tax1110114
Taxes on income-141-82
Net income96932
Profit brought forward377304
Allocated to other retained earnings / transferred from other retained earnings-4849
Unappropriated profit 1862345
1Statement of income figures are rounded; unappropriated profit 2010: 861,527,712.35 euros; unappropriated profit 2011: 345,171,082.50 euros.