Diversity –
an asset for a global company

Mixed teams are simply more successful. One example is the cross-border cooperation put in place for the development and international marketing of Gliss Kur Ultimate Repair, a product range specifically created for damaged and dry hair, successfully launched around the world in 2011.

After just six months on the market, the Ultimate Repair line for damaged and dry hair had become the most successful launch in the brand history of Gliss Kur, leading to substantial market share gains worldwide. In order to be able to develop and market such globally successful innovations, the international marketing experts from the Cosmetics/Toiletries business sector regularly and extensively share knowledge with their counterparts in the different regions.

Internationality as an innovation driver

“The key to our success lies in the international mix of our teams,” says Aida Rizvo, Head of Cosmetics/Toiletries Marketing for the Asia-Pacific region, who is located in Shanghai. A Bosnian by birth, Rizvo has been in Shanghai since June 2011. She speaks five languages and now she is learning Mandarin. “For me, interacting with international colleagues in close-knit teams is an integral part of my work at Henkel,” she adds.

Gliss Kur Ultimate Repair, which is marketed under the name Extra Care Ultimate Repair in China, was developed in the strategic business unit in Düsseldorf – with the involvement of Jasmin Goller, Head of International Marketing for the Gliss Kur brand. She also kept in close contact with Rizvo and other regional marketing experts such as Enis Toksoez representing Africa/Middle East, and Juan Pablo Molina, responsible for Peru and Ecuador.

“Our colleagues in other countries know their local market, its consumers and their preferences, better than anyone,” explains Jasmin Goller. “Consequently, interaction with them is vital for the successful development and smooth international launch of any innovation.”

They all agree that international cooperation in diverse teams is what makes the difference: the variety of knowledge of consumer needs and marketing concepts provides such teams with insights and perspectives which are critical for the successful launch of new and innovative products in competitive markets. Not just contact with international colleagues but also working in other countries provides invaluable experience. For instance, Jasmin Goller, who has Pakistani and German roots, has already worked for Henkel in India. Enis Toksoez is currently working in Dubai, but has also gained experience in Russia. And Colombian Juan Pablo Molina has been working in Peru since the beginning of 2011.

“By working abroad, you learn how to adjust to the mentalities, needs and demands of other people,” comments Rizvo. “This is a highly valuable skill to acquire – both for the individual personally and for the success of our global brands."

Pursuing the international exchange of ideas for the successful development of innovations (from the left): Enis Toksoez, Regional Marketing Manager for Africa/ Middle East, Jasmin Goller, Head of International Marketing for the Gliss Kur brand, Aida Rizvo, Head of Cosmetics/Toiletries Marketing for the
Asia-Pacific region, and Juan Pablo Molina, Country Manager for Peru and Ecuador.

Successful in European and Asian markets: Gliss Kur Ultimate Repair and Extra Care Ultimate Repair are the result of internationally coordinated insights into consumer needs and preferences.

“Interacting with international colleagues is an integral part of my work at Henkel.”

Aida Rizvo
Head of Cosmetics/Toiletries Marketing for the Asia-Pacific region.